sabato 4 gennaio 2014

My name is Raul, I create videogames in my mind and I have a proposal for you:

If you like my videogames, you are free to develop them.
If they have commercial success, I ask 20% of your profit.
To better reach the possible developers, I will give 20% of my profits to who will find for me these developers.
In other words, find a developer that likes my idea,  if  the game is developed and gets commercial success you will get your share.
For example: 1.000.000 Euro of profit, you will get 40.000 Euro (20% of 20% of 1.000.000 Euro).
For 10.000 Euro profit, you will get 400 Euro.
For 1.000 Euro profit, you will get 40 Euro.
The idea is simple, so if you believe it can work, on it!

Thank you!


                The Knight of the Universe
                       (2nd game)

The game is about a Knight dressed with an armor and he drives a sphere.
The screen is divided in two.
The first half of the screen is a First Person View of the knight inside the sphere, the knight is looking out from a slit of the sphere.
The second half of the screen is an isometrical map;
the map shows at a medium distance the sphere and its surrounding, included the enemies outside the view of the PC (Playable Character).
It is a strategic map that the player has to use to navigate inside the environment and  for checking the position of the enemies.
The objective is to kill the enemy prince at the end of the level.
All the enemies, are spheres.
Inside the spheres there are knights, the player can see the helmet of the knights when is close to another sphere.
There are no naked faces, just knights with different kinds of helmets.
There are no weapons, actually, the spheres are the weapons themselves.
The enemies knights, will try to hit the PC (Playable Character) with the spheres, or will try to push it into deadly areas, like holes, or canyons or water rivers, lakes, lava..etc...
The sphere are indestructible, bun not the knights NPC or PC inside, every hard hit, hurts them, and can be killed instantaneously with a massive hit, for example when they collide with each other or against a wall at very high speed.
The enemies knights have different strengths, depending on the design of the sphere, the colour, sound and size.
The isometrical map has the important function to understand the best way to reach a location avoiding enemies much more powerful, or running away from group of enemies, or a high rank sphere almost impossible to defeat.
One of the appeal of the games is, a part the combat,  trying to avoid dangerous encounters and escape from the chasing enemies.
The environment has to be very clean and geometrical, with corridors, tunnels, holes, open spaces, ramps, canyons, labyrinths, bridges, arenas (in the style of Tron).
The Spheres can reach very high speed, 500 km/h...
The feeling has to be like a ''Futuristic Knight Environment''.
Every encounter with a knight has to be very dramatic, defeating a sphere has to be very hard, and harder with the high rank knights.
The encounters must happen not often, because the best part of the game is the lonely exploration, it has to feel like a desolated and lonely world.
At the end of each level the PC will meet the prince; he has not a sphere, he is just very vulnerable with his body...I inverted the cliche' that there has to be a difficult enemy at the end of each level; is more about the feeling of power and merciless.
At the end of all levels, you will find the Queen and the King, the PC has to kill both and becoming the Knight of the Universe.

Thank you and good work!
Feel free to contact me if you are interested and want to know more about the idea.



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